Toby Willsmer is just f&#$ing awesome

Artist - Illustrator and Essex boy living in New Zealand

By day mild mannered code geek.... by night illustrator and artist of random stuff that rattles round in his head. A demolition expert to the rich 'n' famous and tallest man in his house.

A man with many talents and a bottomless pit of ideas you'd never thought of.

On the social

I love people... (grits teeth a little more)

And so it is with sad regret, that I admit I am on a few of these soul sapping, stare at my phone while crossing the motorway, tag my wife across the counter while eating dinner at my local burger van and like me, like me, follow me, stalk me, steal my poo stained underpants from the washing line social media thingies.
So now you can marvel at even more 'kin awesomeness from me while on the crapper at work.

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Put your $$$$ where your mouth is

Make me rich beyond my wildest dreams

Go and buy some of my stuff. I mean it's not like I'm some sort of famous rich kid who don't need the money. I just want people all over this world (and the aliens when they land), to own at least one of my pieces so they can brighten up their toilet where they can sit and ponder its beauty.


(Not the Jodie Foster film with the shite ending)

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